Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a building designer?

Here in Queensland a licensed building designer such as Bespoke Building Design can offer you an end-to-end design experience that will deliver your architectural project to approval and construction tendering stage.

Bespoke Building Design pride ourselves on our focus on delivering a user-friendly commercial, industrial or residential design that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

We have a passion for sustainability principles and universal access (inclusive) design principles that we can apply to help realise your long-term lifestyle or workplace needs.


Can anyone design a building?

In Queensland, only someone who is suitably authorised can design a building on a commercial basis.

Bespoke Building Design is licenced for Building Design – Medium Rise through the Queensland Building Services Authority (BSA). BSA Licence No: 1257937

Who is Bespoke Building Design?

Bespoke means “made to individual order; custom-made”. Our vision for Bespoke Building Design is to partner closely with our clients so that they can achieve their goals.

Bespoke is committed to delivering high quality residential building design and drafting services. Based in Hervey Bay we offer our services throughout Queensland.

We like to apply sustainability principles and empathy for universal access to each of our endeavours while ensuring affordability and liveability.

As a small operation Bespoke Building Design works with a select network of like-minded professionals, ensuring that we can deliver larger projects and cope with high productivity periods without impacting on quality or timeliness.

What types of buildings does Bespoke design?

Bespoke Building Design complete commercial, industrial and residential building designs, prepare all of the necessary working drawings and documentation needed for approval and construction. Types of projects that we can help with include:

  • Individual homes
  • Duplexes
  • Multiple residential units
  • Renovations and extensions
  • Town houses

Why design your home before engaging a builder?

Dealing direct with a building designer instead of dealing with a builder to design your home has one distinct advantage – copyright!

If you use a builder to design your home, you are locked into a contract with that builder alone. How will you know that the final home price is competitive? You can’t take that plan and use it with other builders as there can be a copyright breach.

Other things to consider when using a builder is that they may limit the design elements: construction techniques, materials, aesthetics, innovation etc. A building designer is not constrained in the same way.

If your relationship with that builder fails, you may have to start again with an entirely new floor plan even if you have your heart set on the original design.

If you deal with a building designer first, you are dealing with someone who puts him or herself in your shoes to create a design that suits your specific needs and budget whilst making certain that the building is ‘buildable’.

The design, once finalised can be built by any builder you choose, based on whatever criteria you choose – affordability, value for money, experience, reputation for quality finish, or even if they just ‘get you’.

What do I need to do before I see a Building Designer?

Getting started with your new building design project is often the hardest part. Where do you start?

Our experience in building design means that we can help you navigate the building design process step by step.

Bespoke Building Design has created a “Designing for You Checklist” (available on request) that helps you to work through the details of the things that you might want to incorporate into your architecturally designed project.

What do I need to consider for a renovation or extension?

A renovation, extension or addition requires the same processes as if you were going to build a new home or work environment, and can sometimes require more forethought to ensure an integrated alteration to your space.

At Bespoke Building Design we recommend giving thought to:

  • How happy you are with your current building?
  • Does your current building only need minor changes?
  • Is the house worth saving?
  • Do you want to avoid moving house?
  • Are you happy with your neighbourhood & neighbours?
  • What would it cost to build what you want on a new block?

Bespoke Building Design can advise you on design ideas that may:

  • match or contrast your current home style
  • create a whole new style to reflect your own character
  • enhance your building’s energy efficiency, space and universal access potential

Renovating often means catching up on the maintenance neglected over the years. If designed and completed meticulously your building can look new again.

How long does the building design process take?

Bespoke Building Design estimate our project timelines on a case-by-case basis taking into account:

  • design complexity,
  • our current project workload,
  • the extent and quality of the information you can provide us, and
  • how long it takes for us to get all the information needed.

If you choose to engage Bespoke Building Design, when you have paid your deposit we can then detail what you can expect to receive and at what time to expect it.

At Bespoke Building Design we keep our clients informed throughout our projects. If, for whatever reason, we expect some delays we will advise you straight away.

What general drafting & other services would Bespoke Building Design consider?

Bespoke Building Design can offer drafting services including:

  • General residential drafting
  • Supporting documentation for building approval and construction
  • 3D concepts for marketing
  • Interactive 3D animations
  • Project Management

Can Bespoke Building Design copy a builder’s floor plan or design for me?

In short, no. Bespoke Building Design will not breach copyright of any third party designs while producing documentation.

We are, however, happy for you to bring along your ideas and allow us to work together to create a design that will be uniquely yours!