Frequently Asked Questions

What is a building designer?

From the Building Designers Association of Queensland Inc. (BDAQ) website: “A building designer is a professional who designs buildings for another person or entity. They may work for builders or work directly for the consumer.

The building designer profession developed from the drafting services which served the building industry in the 1970s and 1980s. These people had gained a reputation of providing practical designs, understanding and listening to the client, and designing what the client actually wanted.”

Why use a building designer?

Here in Queensland a licensed building designer such as Bespoke Building Design can offer you an end-to-end design experience that will deliver your architectural project to approval and construction tendering stage.

Bespoke Building Design pride ourselves on our focus on delivering a user-friendly residential design that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

We have a passion for sustainability principles and universal access (inclusive) design principles that we can apply to help realise your long-term lifestyle needs.

Can anyone design a building?

In Queensland, only someone who is suitably authorised can design a building on a commercial basis.

Bespoke Building Design is licenced for Building Design – Medium Rise through the Queensland Building Services Authority (BSA). BSA Licence No: 1257937

Who is Bespoke Building Design?

Headed by award-winning building designer, Russell Willcox, Bespoke Building Design offers quality residential building design services helping our clients to create their custom house design. Bespoke Building Design have a strong focus on universal access and sustainability principles. Russell is a HIA Greensmart Professional and a licenced building designer with extensive experience in residential design.

Bespoke Building Design is based in Hervey Bay, on the Fraser Coast although we do offer our services throughout Queensland, and beyond if required.

What types of buildings does Bespoke design?

Bespoke Building Design completes residential building designs, including preparation of working construction drawings and documentation needed for approval and construction of a building design project.

Clients may also need to engage structural engineers, soil technicians, survey consultants, hydraulic consultants or other specialist services to complete their documentation requirements.Why design your home before engaging a builder?

Why design your home before engaging a builder?

Dealing direct with a building designer instead of dealing with a builder to design your home has one distinct advantage – copyright!

If you use a builder to design your home, you are locked into a contract with that builder alone. How will you know that the final home price is competitive? And generally, you can’t take that plan and use it with other builders as there can be a copyright breach.

What do I need to do before I see a Building Designer?

Getting started with your new building design project is often the hardest part. Where do you start?

Our experience in building design means that we can help you navigate the building design process step by step.

Bespoke Building Design has created the “Your Design Checklist” that helps you to work through the details of the things that you might want to incorporate into your residential design project.

What do I need to consider for a renovation or extension?

A renovation, extension or addition requires the same processes as if you were going to build a new home or work environment, with the exception that they need extra work to do them right.

These projects usually require more forethought to ensure an integrated alteration to your existing space and therefore require knowledge and expertise to design. Renovating often means catching up on the maintenance neglected over the years. If designed and completed meticulously your building can look new again.

If and when we have the capacity to complete these projects we do.

How long does the building design process take?

Bespoke Building Design estimate our project timelines on a case-by-case basis taking into account:

  • our current project workload,
  • design complexity,
  • the extent and quality of the information you can provide us, and
  • how long it takes for us to get all the information needed.

Do Bespoke Building Design offer drafting services?

Bespoke Building Design doesn’t offer residential drafting or other related services. We do however recommend our sister company, Aspect House Plans (, for all of general drafting and other related needs.

Can Bespoke Building Design copy a builder’s floor plan or design for me?

In short, no. Bespoke Building Design will not breach copyright of any third party designs while producing documentation.

We are, however, happy for you to bring along your ideas and allow us to work together to create a design that will be uniquely yours!